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My first blended roast

I finally have done my first pre-blended roast.

Ethiopian Harrar 45.45 grams/Tanzania Rononi 54.54 grams

Photo taken with flash.

Photo taken of beans with Coffeesnobs roasting card.

Roasting chart.


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Well still lots of tweaking going on, I’ve upped the temperature again, according to how the EM6910 is preset, I should be getting 98 degrees at the group head.  I highly doubt that.

I’m getting lots of bubbly, gloopy shots, I’m happy with them 🙂

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back at it :)

After being a little, well not well, I’m back at it, I’ve added a new page showing from start to finish of a shot which includes how to find 9 bar on the EM6910.

Oh and something you don’t want to do…

leave the puck on the screen 😀


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Starting to play

Well after my initial playing around, getting to know the EM6910 and the grinder, it’s time to start playing.

Temperature up by 2 degrees and amazing what a difference it makes!

Grinder set on 7, this is after taking 2 shims out, there were 5 initially. I’m working on lightening my tamp to try and bring the pressure down slightly as I feel it’s a little too high. Set on 8 and it’s too coarse, I’m getting 60ml in 15-20 seconds no matter how hard I tamp.


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