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A popper of a different kind.

On the Crema forum we now have a chat box and a little while ago one of the guys posted a link to a new type of popper at Kmart, I thought about it and then thought why not, we could have a go.

Today I went down and bought the popper, it is the Nostalgia Popper $39.

I seriously thought I was just going to end with black roasted charcoal lumps, I was very surprised.Β  I did end up with some burnt and then some not really roasted at all but for the majority they even look the same colour as my UCR roasts.

Photo is of the final result.

Video will be added here of the beans throughout the roast, small amounts of video converted into one larger video, each section had about 4 minutes between them.

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BES900 + 22 gram Synesso basket = yum

After some questions from people on Coffeesnobs about using the Synesso and VST baskets I thought I would take a video and some photos of my result using a 22 gram Synesso basket.

Below is a photo showing the slight imprint from the shower screen. I’m working on making this not happen.

I use 22 grams of coffee, weighed before grinding, I’m thinking that I might not have enough strength the way I tamp that doesn’t leave enough clearance. You’ll also notice though that the tamper doesn’t actually completely fit the portafilter, it always leaves a small amount on the sides no matter how careful I am with my tamping. I have to add that this is a photo of using the Breville tamper with a Synesso basket. I will one day get a Pullman Tamper πŸ™‚

Right, I’ve been told I’m overdosing πŸ˜€ who would have thought 22 grams in a 22 gram basket was overdosing πŸ˜€Β  I’m being serious and not poking fun at the people that said it, learn something new every day with a coffee journey πŸ˜€

Photos also of the result of the shot after it has been rested for about a minute, and no I’m not saying anyone should ‘rest’ their shots, it happened because I needed to take video so had to steam milk after I had taken the video, not while the shot was being pulled πŸ™‚


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A long time coming…

Yeah I know… πŸ˜› to AM

I can finally update how the BES900 is going after adjustment !!!

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I do surprise myself sometimes, that I can actually taste differences in the coffee.

I’ve finally swapped to using the Synesso basket again but the result was a distinct sourness to the cup.

I put the pre-infusion back down to 3 and the power to 55 and the sourness disappeared.

I love the colour I’m getting, it’s so rich and dark.

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I should add something about my car, the engine is all set up and ready to go, it’s in the car, all we’re waiting for is the tail shaft to be made and then we’ll be roaring around the streets πŸ™‚

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Soooo how was the coffee this morning???

After what was supposed to be my coffee going down the sink, tamped too hard and the extraction was horrible..

Second shot for Steve and WOW I’ve never tasted the BerryΒ so sweet!!!

20 grams through the Spong, sitting right on 9 bar, after chatting to AM on Crema, I’ve lowered the pre-infusion time to 3 seconds and the power to 55 (as low as it can go). Β Sorry I forgot to flick the timing up but I’m pretty sure it was around the 30 second mark all up.

I can’t wait to get home and try one for myself, it will be a long long day πŸ˜€

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Adjusting the BES900 OPV

Ok yes a qualified person probably shouldn’t do it for the normal lay person BUT in saying that when your other half is an electronics engineer to name the least then I sort of think that he’d be more qualified than any technician at service centres.

…and yes I’m publicly saying we adjusted the OPV ourselves.

Our first attempt was about 4 days ago, we had no idea what we were looking for, oh sorry I shouldn’t say that, we did know but we were looking for BRASS not bloody plastic!!!

Steve was extremely busy so after a while of looking around he’d have another go the next night.

I went back to chatting with the Crema forum guys, AM is the best, he’s full of advice and really knows his stuff but in saying that it was beanflying that was the first one that pointed me in the direction of one of the owners in the USA that had adjusted his and put up some information.Β  As soon as I read it out to Steve he knew exactly which bit it was, he’d been looking at it but had been listening to the ‘blonde’ a little too much πŸ˜€

Seriously for a machine that is supposed to be so technically advanced for it’s level, shit they could have at least used an OPV that wouldn’t as soon as break as look at it.

Have I mentioned how much I love the coffee that comes out of the BES900 πŸ˜€

The next night Steve had another go, literally a 5 minute job plus testing with the blind.

We set it to around 9.5 bar.Β  This is not the thing to do when trying to get your coffee to come out at 9 bar.Β  Once I put the coffee in it ended up coming out at 8.5 bar at the most and although the taste was ok, it wasn’t right…

Again Steve was flat out so we left it like that to try it out…sink shot after sink shot for the next few days!!!

Until today…read the OPV section under Breville BES900 to see the full adjustment with photos!!!

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