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Synesso or Breville basket?

In preparation of the naked arriving I’ve started using the Synesso basket again, I thought it was about time since I’ve got the Smart Grinder working as well.Β  I felt that I just couldn’t get the right sort of grind out of the Spong, it was always a little off where it needed to be.

Soooooo I left the grind the same as what I was doing for the Breville basket, just increasing the amount.Β  I’m trying 21 grams in the 22 gram Synesso basket.

The difference in the taste is worlds apart, well to me anyway.

I am drinking mycuppa’s Tanzania AA Estate roasted, now this is a bean that works better with milk but I do like to try everything, every way I can, so this first shot I did as an espresso.Β  55ml in 30 seconds.Β  It was only hitting 8.5 bar on the BES900 with a small flutter to 9 bar.

The result, well it’s something I can drink πŸ™‚ It definitely has a sweetness to it that doesn’t appear with the Breville basket.

I will leave more espresso drinking for tomorrow but I’m going to be trying all the other roasted coffees I have from Vinitasse.Β  I have tried them as an espresso and they haven’t hit the spot, will be interesting to see the difference in them as well πŸ˜€


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Naked is on it’s way.

I have paid for mine, now just will be waiting on the post to be quick πŸ˜€

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This post is a little advertising for my father.

Graham R Johnson Photography

I can remember from a very young age my father taking photos, we have 100s and 100s (probably closer to 1000s) of slides from all of our camping trips around Australia, one photograph that always sticks in my mind is of the Twin Gums outside Alice Springs, I think only one remains today, it is a beautiful shot and one I want taken off the slides.

I appear to have picked up his eye for a subject, knowing instinctively whether a photograph is going to work or not.

LOL I realise that none of the photographs on here prove what I have said above (I should add a photography page maybe) πŸ˜€Β  I am only a beginner compared to my father anyway.

Anyway enjoy his website and his photography πŸ™‚

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Presenting more TK mugs…

Gorgeous is the only word to use for them.

Thank you Matt E61 so much for everything you’ve been through to get these safely into the country and onto me.

The mugs cause a little difficultly as they are a different size so makes for uneven packaging, plus probably more costs.

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BES900 Naked Portafilter

Breville have tweeted that they are coming and will be here before Christmas.

After an enquiry through twitter to them I have been informed that one will be put aside for me, yah for Breville.

So watch this space for the trials and tribulations of using a naked portafilter and getting your grind and tamp perfect to enable the tiger stripes that everyone loves seeing come out of a naked πŸ™‚


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Ups and downs

I haven’t put up a post for a while, it’s been a little chotic and I’ve had nothing but sink shots. Β I have no idea why but sometimes this just happens.

I went through two weeks of sink shots with only two good shots, one I’ve put below.

I consulted my CremaΒ friends, talked it through with them, figured that it was probably a symptom of life, shit happens sometimes, doesn’t mean you give up.

I finally thought stuff this, get it together.

I adjusted my tamping, I tamp very very softly now with the grind that the Spong is producing, it is what produced the above.

I also made some changes on the BES900, bought my pre-infusion back up to 5 and the pressure up to 60.

All of those things seem to have meshed together and I can finally make coffee again πŸ˜€

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One year coffee anniversary :)

This week was my one year coffee anniversary.

I have come so far in a year, learned so much and made some fantastic friends.

There will always be ups and downs…

…but I am still enjoying myself immensly πŸ˜€

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Blog and Website Comments

Thank you all so much for the fantastic comments.

I really do try and keep as factual as I can and hope that what I post reads in an easy to understand way.

If I can help someone else out there in their journey into the coffee world the way my mentors have helped me then I’m only too happy to keep blogging and posting away πŸ˜€

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Nic’s Stuff now on Facebook

You’ll find me here, you’ll find me there, you’ll find me everywhere soon πŸ˜€

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Test post!

Lorem ipsum!

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