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I was discussing different beans with Jeff from mycuppa a few weeks ago and he let it be known that he had a wonderful Colombian bean coming and that it had to be one I tried, I’ve only ever had a Colombian bean once before and that was very early on.

Jeff has no let the Crema forum members know what he thinks 🙂

Here is what Jeff had to say about Colombia Excelso La Union USQ

The small part that really said ‘buy it, buy it, buy it’ – It’s a small screen and a medium density bean and would benefit from a darker roast profile to bring in additional soft chocolate and heavy caramel tones, balancing out some of the acidity, but we want it to retain the character of a punchy coffee, especially in milk.

Hopefully I might get to try it out at a darker roasting profile 🙂

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BES900 and the brass OPV…

Well it’s finally done and the effort was well worth it I think.  The first people to do something almost always gets something wrong or runs into problems, fixes them and completes the project, this makes sure that others don’t make the same mistakes, we made them and fixed them along the way so I don’t expect anyone else doing this to take as long as we did 🙂

The write up has it’s own page under BES900.

What I have written may change as I remember more or clarify points as others read it and start asking questions but for the most part it’s correct.

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BES900 and OPVs

Well something a lot of people have been waiting for 😀

MY BES900 now has a new brass OPV.

It exchanges really easily.

…more to come…


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A little bit of everything.

Here I have a clip and photos (just for Kelsey) of the white TK cup.

It is a clip of the BES900 performing a naked shot of Richard’s blend on a grind setting that almost chokes the machine, into a white TK cup.

Photos of the white TK cup before and after coffee.


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Some nice little additions…

I am now the proud owner of some TK cups in blue and white.

They are gorgeous.

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Lets get naked…

Well the nakeds have arrived 😀

Here is what it looks like, even comes with it’s own spring, not that I can use the synesso basket with the spring but it’s great as I don’t have to swap baskets and springs just choose which I want in what portafilter.

…and here is the second shot, not in focus all that well, the first was a disaster and I will put it up 🙂


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