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15 Oct

I’ve been a little depressed lately, the EM6910 stuffed up and I ordered a replacement but a certain place seemed to not be able to get it in for me, despite telling me it was ordered and that Sunbeam had them in stock, so after more than two weeks I gave up and asked for a refund which was granted, the machine is only a few months old after all and they were really good about it, but still disappointed in the service.


I am now the owner of a BES900, finally.

I have to say here that the issues about why I didn’t get one originally after I was so passionate about it after seeing and playing with it at the launch was never about the machine itself…


Also got the Smart Grinder and a knock box to make up the whole package for a very very good price.

So I tested the settings with the Sunbeam double floor, it tested at 8.5 bar which I’m told means that the gauges are all working correctly, once done I pulled my first shot, grind and tamp need some working on as always needs with a new machine but it still only pulled just over 10 bar and it tasted great so I know I’m close already.

I’ll need to choke the machine to know if the OPV is working at the right point, once I see that I’ll let everyone know what happened.

As with the EM6910 (the pages I will be leaving on my blog) I will be blogging my experiences with the BES900, the good the bad and the ugly 🙂

Oh and I have to say the first shot was with a bean ground with my No.1 Spong and the setting I used for the EM6910, close but needs some work, I think either I have to tamp lighter or the grind has to be a little coarser, have to wait and see.

All happy smiles here tonight, it just feels right 😀

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