Adjusting the BES900 OPV

03 Nov

Ok yes a qualified person probably shouldn’t do it for the normal lay person BUT in saying that when your other half is an electronics engineer to name the least then I sort of think that he’d be more qualified than any technician at service centres.

…and yes I’m publicly saying we adjusted the OPV ourselves.

Our first attempt was about 4 days ago, we had no idea what we were looking for, oh sorry I shouldn’t say that, we did know but we were looking for BRASS not bloody plastic!!!

Steve was extremely busy so after a while of looking around he’d have another go the next night.

I went back to chatting with the Crema forum guys, AM is the best, he’s full of advice and really knows his stuff but in saying that it was beanflying that was the first one that pointed me in the direction of one of the owners in the USA that had adjusted his and put up some information.  As soon as I read it out to Steve he knew exactly which bit it was, he’d been looking at it but had been listening to the ‘blonde’ a little too much 😀

Seriously for a machine that is supposed to be so technically advanced for it’s level, shit they could have at least used an OPV that wouldn’t as soon as break as look at it.

Have I mentioned how much I love the coffee that comes out of the BES900 😀

The next night Steve had another go, literally a 5 minute job plus testing with the blind.

We set it to around 9.5 bar.  This is not the thing to do when trying to get your coffee to come out at 9 bar.  Once I put the coffee in it ended up coming out at 8.5 bar at the most and although the taste was ok, it wasn’t right…

Again Steve was flat out so we left it like that to try it out…sink shot after sink shot for the next few days!!!

Until today…read the OPV section under Breville BES900 to see the full adjustment with photos!!!

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