Ups and downs

14 Dec

I haven’t put up a post for a while, it’s been a little chotic and I’ve had nothing but sink shots.  I have no idea why but sometimes this just happens.

I went through two weeks of sink shots with only two good shots, one I’ve put below.

I consulted my Crema friends, talked it through with them, figured that it was probably a symptom of life, shit happens sometimes, doesn’t mean you give up.

I finally thought stuff this, get it together.

I adjusted my tamping, I tamp very very softly now with the grind that the Spong is producing, it is what produced the above.

I also made some changes on the BES900, bought my pre-infusion back up to 5 and the pressure up to 60.

All of those things seem to have meshed together and I can finally make coffee again 😀

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