Synesso or Breville basket?

27 Dec

In preparation of the naked arriving I’ve started using the Synesso basket again, I thought it was about time since I’ve got the Smart Grinder working as well.  I felt that I just couldn’t get the right sort of grind out of the Spong, it was always a little off where it needed to be.

Soooooo I left the grind the same as what I was doing for the Breville basket, just increasing the amount.  I’m trying 21 grams in the 22 gram Synesso basket.

The difference in the taste is worlds apart, well to me anyway.

I am drinking mycuppa’s Tanzania AA Estate roasted, now this is a bean that works better with milk but I do like to try everything, every way I can, so this first shot I did as an espresso.  55ml in 30 seconds.  It was only hitting 8.5 bar on the BES900 with a small flutter to 9 bar.

The result, well it’s something I can drink 🙂 It definitely has a sweetness to it that doesn’t appear with the Breville basket.

I will leave more espresso drinking for tomorrow but I’m going to be trying all the other roasted coffees I have from Vinitasse.  I have tried them as an espresso and they haven’t hit the spot, will be interesting to see the difference in them as well 😀


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