BES900 and the brass OPV…

23 Jan

Well it’s finally done and the effort was well worth it I think.  The first people to do something almost always gets something wrong or runs into problems, fixes them and completes the project, this makes sure that others don’t make the same mistakes, we made them and fixed them along the way so I don’t expect anyone else doing this to take as long as we did 🙂

The write up has it’s own page under BES900.

What I have written may change as I remember more or clarify points as others read it and start asking questions but for the most part it’s correct.

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  1. devin lee

    January 24, 2012 at 11:17 PM

    Wow! You changed it to new brass OPV? So, interesting!!! Can I get some information for it?? Where can i get it?


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