How I love roasting :D

02 Feb

I haven’t roasted for quite some time, once I do it I realise how much I miss roasting.

My pedantic self making sure I get exact temperatures at exactly the right moment!!!

Thanks to Jeff and his suggestion of a slightly different profile to what I was using I got the following:

This is the Brazil Sweet Collection from Bean Green.

As it got to first crack it was indeed very sweet smelling.

First crack happened at 13:30 at 198 degrees.

Second crack happened at 17:00 at 220 degrees.

I pulled it at 40 seconds past 17 minutes.

I think I pulled it just in time, there is a very slight darkening happening I’d say I pulled it just before I got oil exploding to the outside.  I think next time I would only go to 30 seconds past second crack at the most.

Time will tell though once it’s in the cup 😀

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