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26 Feb

I learnt something new today.

On Crema at present we have a discussion happening about what is the best way to describe our roasts.  There are many ways world wide that people describe roasts, from the CS1-12 numbering, the American City, Full City terms, just to name two examples.

During this discussion a few of our professional roasters have weighed in on the debate and have said something that I have never heard about before or considered that was important.

I’ve always thought that the colour on the outside of the bean was the same colour as the inside = WRONG!!!

The colour of the grind is actually more important than anything else to our professional roasters, it really does tell them what the taste will be like.

So from the above I will now be adding photographs of what the grind looks like from my roasts, here is the first one of the Honduras Minas at five days post roast.

Please excuse the photo, I didn’t realise that there was a smudge on the lense, I’ll redo another one and replace it when I drink it next.

Oh and for anyone interested it appears that the Crema members have chosen to go with Light/Medium/Dark and first and second crack times to describe our roasts.

I will still use the CS card in some photographs but will also be stating what depth I think the roast is and as always times.


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