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09 May

So what did I buy, well I bought a Behmor, purchased from Coffeesnobs.

I needed something that would increase the size of my roasts without going overboard so the 350 gram sizes of the Behmor would be ideal but also something that could still be ‘adjusted’ so to speak, from what I read though most people pick a setting and just stick with it for almost all beans.

I also want to start blending, this can not, I feel, be done successfully in such small quantities that fits into the popper.

Finally I also needed something that didn’t have to be fiddled with electronically, Steve is absolutely flat out with work, he doesn’t get time to scratch himself let alone fiddle with things that aren’t directly related to work 🙂

I will add a page for the Behmor under the Roasters section with more detail but for everyone wanting to know quick answers about what I roasted and on what settings:

On suggestion from Muscles I tried 350 grams of Ghimbi on 1 P2 C.

1C happened at 10:00 minutes and 2C at 7:30 minutes, for people that don’t know how the Behmor works, it counts down from the maximum, which for the setting I chose I believe it was 22:30 minutes (I’ll check that tomorrow and revise if needed).

Therefore in normal timings 1C happened at 12:30 minutes and 2C at 15 minutes.

As per the manual it was pulled on hearing and making sure I was hearing 2C which was about 10 second.

I personally think that that’s a pretty good roasting time, I can’t see how you could roast for the whole 22 minutes, maybe if it was really really cold outside and you roasted out there 🙂

So below is the result, being Ghimbi it’s always a little uneven in colour, photo is taken with flash.

< img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-459" title="ghimbi" src="" alt="" width="600" height="450" />

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