27 May

I don’t know if I’ve said that I now own a Behmor roaster, well yes I own a Behmor and it does ok.

The reason I chose the Behmor, the modified popper was driving me nuts in terms of roast sizes and I felt that although I could get the profiles working ok and I think the coffee I produced was fairly decent 100 grams doesn’t give me enough playing room to blend and I really felt I was stagnating just doing single origins.

The discussion was had about making a new version of the popper but large enough to do at most 500 grams but work lives have had to come first so I felt the easiest thing to do was to buy an off the shelf roaster for the meantime, and part of the requirement was that it had to be able to be used in the kitchen, the Behmor fit that requirement.

As I have done with my coffee machine advancements I’m doing with my coffee roasting advancements, I find that there is a lack of common sense around these days with people that just want to go the ‘whole hog’ and start at the top, they have no idea if they are really any good at any of it because they haven’t made the journey and the mistakes along the way.

So here is the photo of tonights roasts.  I’ll put up more detail about settings on the Behmor page.

27 May roasts 1

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