BES900 two years on…

24 Nov

Hi guys

With the introduction of the BES920 coming out I thought I’d look back at the last two years of having the BES900.

No no I’m not upgrading to the BES920, I don’t see a need really, besides not being able to descale the machine myself I haven’t had any issues with it, I can still impress people with the coffee I make from it.

Would I buy it again?  No I wouldn’t but that is me talking from my point of view, where I’m a little way into my coffee journey, I’m not a beginner any more and am ready to take the next step.  Can anyone say LEVER 😀

In saying that though IF I was a beginner I wouldn’t have any qualms about buying one, sure there have been problems, it looks to me that Breville have taken the complaints about what was/is wrong with the BES900 and fixed them in the BES920.  Until they are released obviously I can’t say for sure.

Majority of the issues I’ve read about over the past two years, I feel, have been service centre issues not Breville issues, when problems with service centres ‘couldn’t give a stuff’ attitudes have resulted in machines not being fixed correctly, have been raised to Breville they have resolved them promptly in most cases (no I’m not being paid by Breville to say anything).

Soooo anyway those are my thoughts at present…

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