Best coffee in quite some time.

21 Feb

I’ve been very disillusioned for quite some time, my coffee has tasted like absolute dirt for a long long time.

I couldn’t figure out what was wrong, my beans were freshly roasted, the grind looked ok, my machine is pumping out at the right pressure.

I bought others beans and they tasted fine.

I thought to pull apart the grinder and see if there was anything there that I’d missed.  Of course I lost the shim while vacuuming it, didn’t realise I had, put it back together and of course can’t get a grind fine enough.  Realised what I had done and found the shim, put it all back together and something still wasn’t right.

Threw a tantrum and said stuff it get the Spong out.

Well, I should never have put it away to start off with.

It produces the best coffee I have had in quite some time, it’s grind is so consistent that the BDB goes up to pressure and stays there, sometimes may move a tiny amount but nothing over a quarter of a bar; unlike the BSG which will allow movement of up to a bar and sometimes more.

Hand grinding is not just for manual brewing, get the right grinder and you can produce perfectly AWESOME espresso too 😀

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