BES900 Solenoid gasket replacement.

29 Apr

I’m not surprised in the slightest that I’ve finally hit the problems that others have had, I’m just lucky that it’s taken this long.

Symptoms: decreased water flow through group head, increased time to get up to pressure, steam being slow and watery.

Solution: replace gasket.

I have been informed that there is a new ceramic replacement gasket.

My local service centre only have the silicone gaskets so that will do for now.

I have ordered the ceramic and a new tube that runs from the solenoid value as it’s all tacky, sticky and brown.

Unfortunately I didn’t take a photo of what the gunk looked like when I took it apart but as per standard posts I do have photos of the replacement process which I will add to the BES900 section.

The BES900 works so well now my first shot had coffee spurting everywhere, as in completely off the machine from the bottom of the naked portafilter 😀

Just when you think you have everything down pat you have to start from scratch again 😀


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