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24 Aug

Well last night I spent a happy couple of hours setting up the EM6910.  Mmm then another 3 hours waiting for the vibrations to stop in my arms as I lay in bed, coffee on an empty stomach at night is not such a good thing I’ve found LOL

Shot after shot down the drain but I was on a mission to get it right before I had to pull a shot this morning for Steve’s coffee.  Grind, tamp, pull, grind, tamp, pull, it all came together in the end, flow was nice and equal from both spouts.  I can’t wait to get a naked portafilter, it’s going to be so much fun 🙂

I was advised by a coffee friend to check where 9 bar was before trying to pull shots.  9 bar for me sits at about 11:30 by clock standards.  My last shot last night where I feel I finally got it right was sitting at 12:00.  This mornings shot with a different coffee and the double basket sat at about 00:30 and the comment was ‘strong coffee hit and nice’.

So 20 grams of coffee, 60ml in 30 seconds and I think I’ve got it 🙂

Now to try other coffees I’ve roasted lately.


Oh I should probably add that initially I was using the EM0480 grinder that came with the EM6910 but we found that even on the coarsest settings it was still too fine.  We will pull it apart and check out how many shims are in there and pull one or more out if necessary to make sure it can grind where we need.

I went back to my manual No.1 Spong and low and behold the right grind appeared, I love manual grinding. 🙂

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