BES900 replacing solenoid gasket

I’ve had the BES900 for approximately 2 and a half years and have noticed over the last 6 months (to be honest maybe a little longer than that) that I’ve been getting less water through the group head, it has also been hard to get it up to pressure and steam hasn’t been as quick and was watery.

I’ve been watching the BES900 threads for a while and have seen the problems others have had, so after first checking everything else, making sure everything was clean, checking that the hoses were all intact around the brass OPV, I knew there was only one solution, the solenoid gasket needed replacing.

As you can see in the following photo, the solenoid is the black box.  The photo is from after the replacement and you can see the new white silicone gasket between the solenoid and the base block.

All you need to take it apart is a spanner, a phillips head screwdriver and something to cut the cable tie that holds the hose onto the top section of the solenoid.  Remember to get yourself a new cable tie to replace the one you cut off.

position in machine

After using the spanner to unscrew the nut on the top of the black solenoid block you will see that the it slides off and you are left with this top section that screws onto the base block.  Unscrew this.  If it is anything like mine you will see lots of green and black gunk on both surfaces.  If you are really lucky you might even have the remainders of the tiny gaskets still there.

When cleaning the surfaces make sure you unscrew the shaft from the base and clean it all, I found parts of the gaskets stuck in the holes.

cleaned part

When cleaning the base I was careful to not get any of the old gunk down the holes.  I did give it a good scrub with a scourer pad once I’d made sure there wasn’t any large parts to block the holes.

bottom part

The gasket you will need can be ordered from the Breville service centres, you can find them on the Breville website in Australia or America.

The spare parts part number that you need is 100 – GASKET KIT FOR SOLENOID VALVE

Australia – BES900/100 – $7

America – BES900XL/100

Canada – BPBES900100

I have been told that the new gasket is now ceramic, I have ordered one but as yet I haven’t heard anything.  I was told by the service centre that they might not be able to get them until they have sold all of the silicone ones.

The two pieces on the right hand side.  I have no idea what they are for, they didn’t seem to fit anywhere, if anyone knows put it in the comments.  Leaving them off doesn’t appear to affect it.

The way I have laid it out is how it goes on.

placement of gasket on upper part

You will be able to see that there is only one way it can go on and the bumps are larger on one side where they side into the top section.

gasket on upper part

Finally, put it all back together.  As the top section is screwed to the bottom block you’ll see that the gasket has a slight waver of the outside section, it was screwed on fairly tight.

completed assembly

When you ring to order the gasket you might want to ask for a replacement hose as well, as you can see in the first photo it’s gone brown and it is also really sticky.

There is no part number for the hose I was told.  I’m waiting for one to arrive as they didn’t have any in stock.

Once everything is back together you should be right to go, it may make some weird noises for a minute or so, just make sure you have enough water in the tank and let it go, it does stop once everything is ‘primed’.

Lastly you should find that you’ll have to adjust your grinder, I had a few separate spurting sections going all over the place out of the naked 😀


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